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Choosing a dependable conveyor roller is important to ensure an efficient conveyor system, to prevent shutdowns and unplanned maintenance at your site.

Conveyor components are required to be robust and durable to ensure they provide a smooth, efficient, and reliable conveyor system.

GURTEC understands that rollers must be matched to the operating conditions of the environment in which the conveyor system is in.

Our GUP and GST rollers are fully automated, ensuring identical quality and reliability in every roller. GURTEC’s team of technical specialists can assist you in choosing the right roller for your application.

GST Roller Series

The GST Series is GURTEC’s original multipurpose roller line, with a robust design to suit various applications and belt widths and meet international materials handling standards.

The GST Roller is best suited for:

  • Medium duty applications
  • Bulk handling

These are the top 3 benefits of our GST rollers:

      1. Mass Produced
        Our fully automated production line ensures precise standardization, mass production and fast delivery times.
      1. Universal Design
        The GST series incorporates a rugged design across several variations, creating suitability for various applications.
      1. Innovative Design
        Our in-house manufacturing process is designed to create strong, durable rollers that are to withstand harsh environments and technical requirements.

Our GST Roller Series is one of our most versatile and multi-purposed rollers on the market and does extend to applications beyond the ones listed above. If you are unsure whether this roller might work for your requirements, please contact GURTEC’s sales team here.

GUP Roller

With over 16 million units sold globally to date, the GUP roller is our most popular roller offering the best value for money in light and medium bulk handling.

The GUP Roller is best suited for:

  • Light duty applications
  • Tunneling
  • Process industry

These are the top 3 benefits of our GUP rollers:

      1. Premium Sealing
        Fitted with our in-house manufactured 3-piece labyrinth sealing system.
      1. Universal Design
        Our fully automated production line ensures quality in every roller and allows for short lead times.
      1. Innovative Design
        Robust, fully welded end caps are integrated into the GUP Rollers, creating a dust and waterproof seal.

When choosing the right roller for your conveyor system, there are clearly many factors to consider, and the choice is not always clear. GURTEC are experts in conveyor components OEM and are servicing customers globally. To find out more about the GST Roller Series and GUP Roller, contact our sales team here.