The topic of compliance is of great importance at Gurtec GmbH. We expressly commit ourselves to fair competition and to compliance with all domestic and foreign laws relevant to us. Violations of antitrust norms and of the norms of the criminal law on corruption are not tolerated at our company. The unwritten principles of the honourable businessman also oblige us in our relationship with our contractual partners. The maxim applies that Gurtec would rather forego a business transaction than conclude it by unfair means. Management and executives are role models for their employees in observing these guidelines.

Anonymous whistleblower system

In addition to the conventional options for customers and suppliers (contact person, consumer information), we offer an anonymous external Internet system for reporting significant violations of general laws, the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act and our Code of Conduct. This system is available in German and English. It allows a confidential and by special encryption secured dialogue with the Gurtec Compliance Department. Please also refer to our Whistleblower Data Protection page