Conveyor Components

Every industry is different, as is every operation and location.

That’s why GURTEC’s products can be adapted to suit your specific material handling needs – whether that be in mining, manufacturing, transport, retail or other industries.

Select from a wide range of products, or contact our team to discuss your personal requirements.

We’re specialists in conveyor components, so we’ll find the right solution for you.

Rollers and Garlands


Our high-quality conveyor frames are manufactured in-house and are suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty material handling applications.

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We offer a wide range of conveyor pulleys available in various sizes to meet the toughest demands. Advanced design process incorporating Finite Element Analysis ensure the pulleys are designed to world’s best practice.

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Conveyor Accessories

Primary Belt Cleaners

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Secondary Belt Cleaners

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Tertiary Belt Cleaners

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Tail Protection Cleaners

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Loading Sections

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Belt Monitoring System

High-speed precise scanning with novel 3D image analysis algorithms guarantee robust, real-time and fully automated belt damage detection and belt thickness measurement up to 10 m/s of belt speed and up to 2.4 meters of belt width.

The laser scanning is immune to belt surface color and texture variations. The technology is implemented in unique way for harsh conditions. It is highly resistant to dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental condition variations with minimal service needed.

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ROXDUR is a wear plate product that utilises the latest technology to provide a long lasting and durable wear solution suitable for heavy duty and medium duty applications.

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