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GURTEC’s HM series steel rollers deliver an intelligent design with superior characteristics, suitable for high loading capacities and belt speeds.

Designed and manufactured at our Schoppenstedt facility in Germany, the HM Formed steel rollers offer features such as long life, low weight, energy efficiency, low vibrations and decreased noise levels.

Our highly automated manufacturing process utilises a flow forming process for extremely round tubes and an end forming process to round shell edges and integrate concentric bearing houses to the roller shell body, avoiding the need for welding.

Formed rollers are also available with hollow formed shafts instead of full steel shafts for added weight reductions.

Flow formed rollers do not require machining and balancing, as TIR is extremely low and shell thickness remains constant, leading to improved operation and longer lifetime.

Renowned in the industry as the “Rolls-Royce” of conveyor rollers, the HM Series set a new standard for high speed mass transportation and life cycle costs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Low Rotating Mass

The HM roller series combines lightweight bearing housings, a hollow shaft and highly concentric tubes to create a low overall mass

  • Long Term Solution

Developed specifically for mining and other demanding applications with high loads and belt speeds – operating up to 11 m/s and 52,000 tonnes per hour

  • Innovative Design

In-house manufacturing uses premium sealing arrangements designed to accommodate rough mining conditions & climatesFormed rollers are available as carry, impact and return rollers and garlands as well.

To find out more about the HM Series, contact us