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Conveyor Idler Garland systems provide an effective solution when transporting larger materials in high speed/high tonnage applications.

Garlands are mostly used for rollers with larger diameters and in mining areas with wider belts and higher belt speeds, as well as in underground conveyors.

GURTEC specialises in the manufacture and supply of high-quality conveyor idler garlands and have supplied garland systems to some of the largest materials handling projects in the world. Our garlands provide a durable and high-performance solution for high tonnage/high speed applications.

One of the key advantages of conveyor garlands is the configuration which allows the belt to adapt to the shape of the material which reduces the amount of impact on the rollers, resulting in longer roller life. This becomes an important feature predominantly in continuous mining applications where shiftable conveyors are used and track alignment is different compared to stationary conveyors with rigid steel structure foundations. Thus, garlands are much more “flexible” with regard to belt guidance.

GURTEC garland rollers are connected with flexible links and fixed to the conveyor frame with dedicated suspension elements.

Rollers are also easy to replace by lifting the idler set from the mounting hook or by activating quick releases. This is an indispensable advantage especially at impact areas where the belt does not need to be lifted for idler replacement nor the upper structure to be dismantled.

GURTEC offers a wide range of garlands which can be equipped with plain rollers or with disc rollers as required.

Benefits of GURTEC Idler Garlands:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Increased life of rollers and components
  • High performance with wider belts and high belt speeds
  • Minimise the impact on the belt due to better absorption of stress
  • Better positioning of the load
  • Assist to better align the belt
  • Less CAPEX, because there is no need for extra brackets, transoms or idler sets

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