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GURTEC will support Australia’s biggest green energy project and the world’s biggest pump storage plant through the supply of over 20,000 GUP conveyor rollers.

Snowy 2.0 is an expansion of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme and will help deliver reliable and affordable energy to over 500,000 homes, extending its generation capacity by 50%.

The project is set to carve through 27km of the mountains to link Tantangara and Talbingo, two large reservoirs, in a huge pipeline beneath the national park.

Underground excavation and tunnelling will occur up to one kilometre below surface level, where exploratory tunnels are already being dug to test the suitability of the land.

GURTEC will play a key role in the expansion, supplying 20 000 GUP rollers, chosen by their reputation for consistent performance in harsh environments.

Over three decades of tunnelling applications worldwide have proven the GUP roller status as the new standard in underground construction, delivering execution in long-distance, curved conveyors at high speed.

With the ability to be mass-produced through our automated production facilities and an extensively wide offering of diameters and bearings available, the GUP roller delivers the following key advantages:

  • Equipped with precision bearings greased for life to prevent the ingress of contaminants to the bearing
  • Our strongest multi-labyrinth seals
  • Practically maintenance-free rollers
  • Waterproof bearing housing

Snowy 2.0 is expected to supply 10% of Australia’s national energy, proving to be a significant intermittent step in shifting Australia’s energy resources to more renewable sources.

The scheme will also create long term stability during times of prolonged weather conditions that would otherwise halt the supply of power, acting as a semi-renewable storage shed of power.

Our GUP rollers have been selected to provide the reliability required in this type of application.

GURTEC Managing Director Thomas Dreyer highlights the importance of providing quality products “this is a significant achievement for GURTEC to be involved in such a high profile and innovative project. Our GUP rollers are designed for reliability so we are pleased to provide our customers with the confidence that our rollers will serve as a long-term solution.”