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Our GURTEC Schöppenstedt facility recently achieved a major milestone, with our production team producing our 15 millionth GUP roller.

Our GUP roller production began in the early 1980s with small quantities. In the late 1980s we established the fully automated GUP roller production using state of the art robotic technology, significantly increasing production rates.

The fully automated production line that guarantees GURTEC’s German engineering quality in every roller, with the shortest lead times in the market.

GURTEC Managing Director Thomas Dreyer commented “this is a fantastic achievement by the GURTEC production team and highlights our unique manufacturing capability.”

The GUP Series is our most popular roller offering the best value for money in light and medium bulk materials handling.

Key features of the GUP series rollers include:

Premium Sealing

  • Fitted with our in-house manufactured 3-piece labyrinth sealing system, the GUP series includes all GURTEC standard design features.

Assured Quality

  • The GUP production process is fully automated using the highest technical manufacturing standards to ensure quality in every roller.

Welded End Cap

  • Robust, fully welded end caps are integrated into the GUP Rollers, creating a dust and waterproof seal.

Congratulations and well done to the GURTEC production team on this milestone.

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