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GURTEC rollers are some of the most versatile conveyor rollers on the market and offer a reliable solution across a range of different industries and applications including mining, construction, tunnelling, power generation and processing.

One of our recent projects sees our rollers play a key role in a large-scale offshore oil and gas project.

GURTEC have been working with AX Tech, a marine and offshore equipment company, to assist with the construction of a large offshore gas pipeline off the coast of South Africa.

GURTEC will supply 1300 specially designed GST rollers which will assist in moving materials during the construction phase of the offshore pipeline.

The GST Series rollers are GURTEC’s original, multipurpose roller. With a robust design, the GST roller provides performance and reliability across various applications and belt widths.

The rollers for this project will use a special shell with increased thickness to suit the offshore application.

Designed by our engineering team in Schoppenstedt, the custom designed rollers were tested against a maximum load of 5tonne per tube and handled the load with ease. This ensures the customer has a reliable roller solution for the long term.

Construction of the offshore pipeline will begin in Q2 2021.

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