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GURTEC has a long and proud history of providing high-quality conveyor components to the global mining industry with a strong focus on product development and innovation. After a change in business structure, the GURTEC brand is back bigger and better and continues to lead the way in conveyor component design and manufacturing.

The recent acquisition by Australian privately-owned manufacturing company NEPEAN saw the reintroduction of the GURTEC brand, which has allowed the company to go from strength to strength with the support of an internationally renowned mining conveyor specialist company.

GURTEC Managing Director Thomas Dreyer said GURTEC continues to prosper since the acquisition took place.

“GURTEC has been providing quality products to the global mining industry for over 50 years. Access to specialised engineering and associated IP through the wider NEPEAN group has allowed us to further strengthen our position in the market.

It has been an exciting time for our business and our customers and sets us up for long term success”

GURTEC prides itself on its unique and innovative manufacturing processes. Its Schoppenstedt facility operates some of the most advanced conveyor idler manufacturing machinery in the world including fully automated roller production capability.

“Our Schoppenstedt facility continues to set the benchmark for roller manufacturing providing our customers with access to high-quality products with fast turnaround times” commented Mr Dreyer.

GURTEC’s unique product range includes rollers, idlers and conveyor accessories.

GURTEC’s HM Series Formed Rollers are renowned in the industry as the “Rolls-Royce” of conveyor rollers. The HM Series are manufactured using a unique flow forming process to create a one-piece steel roller tube without welding, delivering a shell of exceptional roundness and hardness.

The roller shell ends are formed into bearing housings and bored for accuracy, resulting in an extremely reliable roller for high speed, high tonnage applications.

The HM Series Rollers are used on some of the world’s largest conveyor belts and have a proven track record at high speeds, operating up to 11m/s and 52,000 tonnes per hour.

“The HM Series rollers are a great example of GURTEC’s commitment to product innovation. We continue to invest heavily in the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality products” said Mr Dreyer.

As well as formed rollers, GURTEC also manufactures high quality steel End Cap Rollers which are suited for harsh, corrosive environments.

“With our innovative manufacturing processes and quality product range, we look forward to continuing to make a significant difference to our customers” added Mr Dreyer.

To find out how GURTEC can assist in optimising your conveyor system, please contact us.