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Under the Austrian and Italian Alps, the world’s longest underground railroad connection has reached half term completion. Sitting 8 000 feet below the alpine peaks, the Brenner Base Tunnel is an impressive 64 kilometre-long railway link between north and south side. With work commencing in 2009, so far 123km of the total 230 km tunnel system has been achieved, whilst total completion is scheduled for 2028.

The construction of the tunnels has resulted in the creation of more than 25,000 jobs due to the massive task of carving through 30 million tonnes of granite to make way for steel rails and train tracks.

GURTEC played a key role in the construction of the tunnel, supplying over 60,000 steel End Cap rollers for the projects conveyor system. Drilling, blasting and tunnel boring machines cut into the face of the alps to remove mass quantities of material, to be transported by a conveyor fitted with GURTEC’s world-famous rollers.

Our GUP/GST end cap roller range was utilised to carry the belt conveyor and subsequent material away, allowing drillers further access to continue to excavate the tunnel on the northern Austrian side and as well on the southern Italian side (Brennero).

Our End Cap Rollers are manufactured using welded end housing and labyrinth seals to withstand hours of high loads in heavy-duty applications and extreme conditions, perfect for operating in the temperatures of the alps.

GURTEC End Cap Rollers are available for all bulk materials handling applications and unit-handling conveyors, as plain rollers, and with impact rings for loading areas, rubber discs for return rollers and rubber lagging for special applications. As an option, these rollers are also available as machined low noise rollers.

Some of the key advantages of our GUP/GST End Cap Rollers include:

  • Wide offering range (diameters and bearings)
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Manufactured in automated production facilities with fast deliveries of standard models from stock
  • Equipped with precision bearings greased for life to prevent the ingress of contaminants to the bearing
  • Effective multi-labyrinth seals to protect bearings
  • Practically maintenance-free rollers

The railway is set to be a monumental piece of Europe that will connect powerhouses in the north to Italy, providing safe travels for passengers travelling at 250 km/h as well as expanding the capacity for freight companies to carry up to 50 million tonnes of goods per year at 160 km/h reducing the current travelling time from average 2 hours to only 50 minutes!

We are proud to be a part of this piece of European history, that will connect countries and stimulate the trade economy.

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